My name is Eli. PoliSci student in Atlanta. I'm queer. They/their pronouns please. I love Star Trek, Sherlock, Supernatural (no spoilers!! on season 6), Firefly, and whole bunch of other stuff. If you go to Dragon*Con in Atlanta, hit me up because I go every year!! Right now I'm in a Star Trek: Voyager mood so beware!!
{ I ♥ KOCK }
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Okay so this was my first time ever even trying this, so it’s a bit (a hell of a lot) rough and I know at least six different things that I need to change before I try again.

Until then,

Kathryn Janeway

Used to test time lapse magic

Charcoal, 8x11, five hours straight


When I’m writing an essay and trying to make the word count.